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iCinDERTM Trend GuideRT was developed to apply the iCinDERTM methodology of V2 Cycles to the chart's price bars.  Trend Guide calculates  specific levels:


·Trend Guide Support Resistance - Red Dot

·Bullish or Bearish Bias - Red arrow.

·Trend Guide T1 - Gray dot with price level marked on margin.

·Trend Guide T2 - Light blue dot with price level marked on margin.

·Trend Guide T3 - Gold dot with price level marked on margin.



We start by looking the the V2s bias (Histogram), whether it is bullish or bearish, and then look at the Trend Guide Value (TGV).    The TGV is a filter that is used to evaluate the advance of a trend by evaluating the V2s values.   This gives us a range of values from 0 to 5:


·5          Bullish, Strongest trend value

·4          Bullish, Strong trend value

·3           Neutral trend value or pivot.  In essence if TGV is greater than 3 then you have a bearish bias,                     and if TGV is greater than 3 then you have a bullish bias.

·2           Bearish, weak trend value

·1          Bearish, weak trend value

·0           Bearish, weakest trend value


A support or resistance line is also calculated and plotted on the right margin, one bar from the last bar.  This is always a red dot with a red arrow pointing to the direction of the calculated trend.  You may notice that in the last 2 bars there is a bearish Trend Guide.  However, if you look at the V2 types, they are all in positive territory and thus you may decide to not take the trade.  You also will notice that the TGV is 3 (Neutral).   The inset in the chart shows what took place 1 day later.


The Trend Guide "T Levels" provide possible targets based on our internal iCinDERTM algorithms.  This is closely associated with trading range and the initial value is 1 x calculated level, T2 is 1.6 x calculated level and T3 is 3.2 x calculated level.  Depending on the strength and values of TGV, new levels are calculated on the bar close.  This allows us to see a trend strengthening or weakening as the "T levels" move up and down with each new bar.


The chart also has faint markers of the T levels using hash lines, and this is plotted on the chart.  You may wish to set those levels to "Transparent" for minimize objects on the chart.


The V2 Cycles are also drawn on the chart to show the bullishness of bearishness of the trend's cycles. 






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